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Apartment Sharing Agreements

Before deciding to share living space together it is very important to come to a rental sharing agreement to be in place. Living together and sharing expenses is only possible successfully with ground rules in place first. Not planning is why many relationship are apart. Planning a partnership is serious business no matter who is involved.

A lot of people assume that mone, love and friendship can conquer all but that is until you find out you can't live with certain living habits you were formally unawear of. You must both agree in writing to uphold rules that will enhance longterm shared living.

Here is a list of some things you can add to your agreement before making the commitment to move together. But firstly all tenent must be listed on the lease unless the owners allows this or you are the owner of the property.
  • Bill responsibilities
  • Cleaning expectations
  • Usage of main and living space.
  • Parking arrangement if applicable.
  • Trash duties.
  • Pet policies
There are so many things that can make another uncomfortable, this is why it is very important to share you living space with someone you have a lot in common with.
  • religion
  • privacy
  • smoking versus nonsmoker
  • children
  • noise volume
If you were to move to someone that loves to play the music loud during early Saturday workouts while you like to sleep in late, this could cause a problem. It is imperative to sit down and really evaluate who you about to live with before.

 Compromising is a must for live in partners. A well matched live in arrangement is having a well thought out Apartment Sharing Agreement.