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Home Loans For Single Mothers- Do They Exist


Home loans for single mothers are available but a bit difficult to get approved. Single mothers are very often highly stressed, working for long hours apart from taking care of their home and children. They sometimes have to work 2 or even more part time jobs to make the ends meet.

At the end of the month, they are still struggling to make the rent payment and taking care of monthly expenses of home as well as children. Therefore, it is very important that they have their own home so that rent expense can be cut from your monthly spending. So, getting a home loan at a reasonable interest rate is very important for single mothers.

A home loan for single mothers gives them that extra helping hand which they need in order to improve the life of themselves and their children. Using this loan, they can move into a better locality and raise their kids in a better way.

The home loan may not cover the entire cost of the home but getting a loan can be first step in the right direction. There are loans specifically designed for this population to help single mothers. Though loans are available to the general public, home loans for single mother(s) will include details specific only to single mothers.

But getting a home loan can be a challenge for a single mother. She has to face various obstacles while applying for a home loan for single mother. Buying a home is a dream for every mother but housing loan problems can shatter these dreams for them. Single mothers are in need for a home at an affordable price but they are not in a good position to buy it easily. The problems which single mother has to face while buying a home are:

Single income - More and more single mothers are now becoming eligible for a home loan but the problem of single income becomes the first obstacle between them and the home loan approval. As per housing loan guidelines, a person can only have 30% of this monthly income as housing loan installment. This makes is difficult for single mothers.

Credit history - Sometimes single mothers have enough money and good employment also but past credit history makes it difficult for her to get the home loan application approved. In this case, the single mothers can opt to enter into a rent to own agreement if possible. This way, some part of rent will go towards the payment of the home.

Down payment problems
- While buying a house, most lenders ask for at least 10% value of the purchase price as the down payment. Sometimes this becomes the problem for single mothers since so much cash is difficult to arrange. But the single mothers can find schemes in which they can get the loan even at 3% down payment. This helps them get the approval at least.

These are top three issues for a single mother while applying for a home loan. Housing loan requirements can make it difficult to have the proper income, credit history and down payment to be approved for a long. Home loans for single mothers can be a reality if they work with agencies like HUD to make their dream come true.